Vaccinations and requirements



-distemper combo


-all pets must be fixed 

I need to see the vaccination certificate before I’ll hold a spot for your pets vacation.

Please Don’t bring

A king size comforter? A bed so big I can hardly lift it?? Expensive toys because they will get buried in snow or mud!!

No raw food is allowed in the kennel, it does pass through dogs and can cause problems for everyone 

( ask your vet)

No pizza or chewed up ribs from dinner, I won’t feed your pet your leftovers , it’s not good for them and the other dogs will all want pizza 🙄

You should bring


your pets food ,

treats if they have special ones

a small blanket or toy if they like it

We provide milk bone treats both soft and hard , carrots and apples 

please come for the time we arrange. We Will be waiting



10-12 noon or 6-8 pm



are available  

between 6-8 pm .