Proudly caring for your pets Since 2010

Country Lane
Kennels Morden
Manitoba πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Welcome to our Home

We are....

a safe, fully insured and comfortable,  country retreat. We give your pet space to relax and enjoy the view. Plenty of outside playtime  in spacious ,grassy, play yards and many toys and treats. We accept all types of pets from rabbits, birds , cats and family friendly dogs. We will refuse aggressive or overly anxious  pets or customers 😼

Our family has cared for many pets over the last 30 years. Geckos, turtles , birds, hamsters, cats, puppies, geese,pigs, chickens, ducks, cows and many fish.

We can...

provide a  comfortable retreat for your pet, while caring for them according to their individual  needs.We work closely with our vets and live only 3 minutes from the clinic.Because we give 100% to ensuring  your pet is happy and having fun, we are able to comfort the timid ones  , tire out the energetic ones and provide  a 

cozy , home like environment.

Each  dog has their own extra large outdoor run  and a inside kennel for night time. Soft, cozy Blankets and fresh water is always available.

With YOUR PERMISSION, we have supervised play times with compatible dogs , we never leave dogs from different homes alone together . Dogs are social animals and play time is an important part of their day.

🌸PLEASE READ THIS 🌸. it’s important stuff . Requirements for booking a spot


1-Provide a picture of a vaccination certificate showing for DOGS:

a- bordetella- every year 

b-distemper combo -every year

c-rabies -every 2-3 years 


a-feline leukaemia (2yrs)

b-Rabies(3 yrs)


**Lyme vaccination is highly recommended for dogs as our kennel is surrounded by bush**

2-All Pets MUST be spayed /neutered before boarding ( over 6 months of age)

 3- A 50% non refundable deposit to book in your dog and  payment in full for cat boarding . 

4-No  need to bring  dishes, we have plenty , unless they are special 😊 

5-*please don’t bring beds or large blankets. I need to be able to wash it because we play and run outside and we do live in the country🐷

-6-Bring LITTER for your kitties 🐈please

We charge $20/day to board your 🐱 or🐢. ...or🦜orπŸ‡or🐒

Payment by CASH or ETRANSFER. Contact Sheila & Mark Schultz

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Please respect our schedule and Show up at the discussed time . 4 days notice to change bookings

Check out our instagram account , a fun way to see our visitors having fun or getting into trouble 😊We respect your privacy and will never refer to your pet by name on social media 

Country Lane Kennels Morden

29104 Road 15 North Morden MB

(204) 822-3129

We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year !We are not open for drop offs December 24 or 25.

drop offs and pickups 

by a set appointment time 

between 10-12 noon   

OR 6-8 pm 


we are available only 

6-8 pm only .

here’s a link to google maps